Sri Ramakrishna Math &
Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA


The Math and the Mission together have 173 branch centres all over India and in different parts of the world. The Headquarters of these centres are situated in Belur Math.

Sri Ma Sarada Library - Rules & Regulations


Library discipline :

  • Readers and members are requested to maintain a quiet and dignifying atmosphere inside the library.
  • Marking, underlining, tearing, damaging the library books is strictly prohibited. Readers and members are solely responsible for making the payment of the latest cost of the damaged or lost books to the library, immediately when such damages/loss are noticed. If a book having several volumes has been damaged or lost they may have to pay the cost of the whole set.
  • Members are required to refer to the catalogue and note down the name, number, etc. of the books required by them on a slip provided for the purpose and hand over the same to the concerned library assistants who will provide those books to them.
  • Readers and members will return all the books taken by them for study or selection to the concerned library assistants before leaving the library. After issue of books, members are not to take books inside the Reading Room.
  • Umbrellas, sticks, bags, books, etc. are not allowed inside the library and they have to be left at the main gate.
  • Bringing dogs, cats, and such other animals to the library is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking, spitting, sleeping and such other practices inside the library are strictly prohibited.
  • Small children who cannot read are not allowed in the Reading Room.


Conditions for borrowing books :

  • The library books are lent only to the members of the library.
  • Every member can borrow at most two books and one periodical at a time.
  • Books and periodicals have to be returned on or before the 15th day of their issue.
  • Latest periodicals kept in the Reading Room will not be issued.
  • Costly, rare and reference books are not available for borrowing. They can be read only in the Reading Room.
  • Sub-lending of the library books is strictly prohibited.
  • The library reserves its right to withhold or to withdraw the library books once issued or to refuse issue of books and periodicals at any time without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  • The periodicals can be reissued only after a lapse of 15 days of their return.
  • The members will check at the time of borrowing whether the books and periodicals are in good condition. If any damage is noticed, the same will have to be brought to notice of the librarian, otherwise, the members will hold themselves responsible for the damages noticed later.
  • Regular delay in returning the books and periodicals will disqualify a member from borrowing books and periodicals.
  • Same book will not be issued to a member more than four times consecutively.


Membership :

  • The right of membership is reserved with the library.The prospectus and the application form for admission can be procured from the library on payment of Rs 5.00 only.
  • Every member will pay at the time of adrnission :
    (i) an admission fee of Rs. 5/- only,
    (ii) a refundable security deposit of Rs. 200/- (Rupees Two hundred only),
    (iii) An annual Subscription of Rs. 100/-.
  • The members will keep the library informed about the change in their addresses.


Subscription :

  • Every member will pay an annual subscription of Rs. 100/-.
  • If a member fails to renew his/her membership within three months after the due date, his/her memhership will cease without any reference to him/her.


Withdrawal and Termination :

  • The library reserves its right to forfeit the security deposit in part or in full, or to take any disciplinary action against any default on the part of the members in paying subscription, late fee and other dues, or any undisciplined activities without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  • Members are requested to return all books and periodicals issued to them and all their dues before withdrawing their membership. Members are expected to withdraw their membership in a prescribed form and attach their Security Deposit receipt.